About Us

This company was formed in the middle of 2004, after the owner moved his family from Flagstaff, AZ, here to Lake Havasu City.  We noticed a severe lack of knowledgeable, qualified computer techs that were willing to perform house calls and not charge outlandishly for them.

Jeff is a Microsoft Certified Professional, meaning he has completed several Microsoft Certifications.  He is proficient on Win9X, WinME, Win2K Pro & Server, WinXP Home & Professional, and WinVista.  Jeff is presently working on his newest certification, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, specializing in Win Vista & Office 2007.  He is also familiar with practically all Microsoft Office products, including, but not limited to, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and so on.

Jeff was previously the senior technician for a telecommunications company that sold & supported predictive dialers nationwide, including several countries.  He has designed, implemented, and supported countless numbers of WAN & LANs, configured telephony servers and agent workstations, built hundreds of computers from the motherboard up.

Let Jeff put all his computer skills to work for you!

Have a problem with your computer?  Call the Jeff, the Computer Handyman!

Tel: (928) 208-1613

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